No Media Passes at the Huntsville Hamfest? Sacré Bleu!

I had a wonderful time at the Huntsville (AL) Hamfest this past weekend. My usual travel companions (N5DU and K5BLL) had family obligations and had to back out just before the Hamfest. K5BLL had a reservation at the Embassy Suites which is connected to the Von Braun Center where the HH is held. Wonderful arrangement! So I drove from Ridgeland MS through StarkVegas and picked up my friend, K5FLU, Martin Jue […]

RSGB and the CQ Magazine Surprise

Since my last post, I’ve read more on the CQ Magazine issues… eHam is always a place to find rants and raves! I’ve enjoyed this publication for years but shifted completely to the digital format a few years ago. Storing paper can be trying. The current issue seemed fairly peppy in content. When I finished read it on my iPad, something seemed a bit off. I then realized that I had seen […]

Hey! Where’d I Go?

I’ve been away from this blog for several months. Not intentionally, but out of circumstances. Besides struggling to complete a book manuscript for a March 15th publisher’s deadline, our work on the Magnolia Intertie Project has consumed much of my ham radio bandwidth. Magnolia Intertie Inc. is now a non-profit corporation in the State of Mississippi seeking our 501c3 standing with the IRS and subsequent approval […]

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