First Shack

My first ham rado shack

Here is my very cramped first ham radio «shack»: a very small corner of our den. This built-in computer desk houses a Dell PC with a 30″ monitor, a JRC NRD-545 DSP receiver, FT-8900R VHF/UHF transceiver, Icom IC-706 HF/VHF transceiver, and LDG IT-100 autotuner. Underneath are a Perseus SDR, Diamond power supply, back-up hard disk, a Drobo 4TB NAS, a 2nd PC running Linux switched to the monitor and keyboard via a switch beneath the monitor. The shipping box containing the venerable Kenwood TS-830S that I bought off of eBay never «left» my temporarily setting it up to test. It also has the Kenwood AT-230 antenna tuner, SP 230 speaker, and a MFJ 259B antenna analyzer.

Small beginnings… but I hope to have more space in a new QTH in the near future. But there’s nothing like the first one, right?

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