Good storyteller, that KE9V!

I don’t know about you but I have listened to a lot of podcasts since they’ve become popular. They’ve fragmented now, of course, between the home-made ones and the ones which front/back a corporation. Ham radio has a few interesting ones but they tend to be on the home-made side… clearly done out of the love of the effort and the community.

I just ran across one that really touched my interest. In face, it kinda reminded me of my early youth, listening (or rather watching my Grandma listening) to Ma Perkins on an old wooden Philco. Jeff, KE9V, has begun a story-telling podcast about ham radio in the rural Indiana back roads: Cornbread Road.

It’s in installments and I caught the first on earlier this week. He’s a real story-teller. He’s got me waiting the next one, for sure. I hope that this podcast brings the sense of community that most ham enthusiasts share to others outside of amateur radio. Those unaware of what we have would not guess that nerds of airwaves would really be about what we can see daily in fast food places, coffee shops, and greasy-spoons. Catch it at this URL:

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