I’ve moved…

The several month absence from postings on my amateur radio blog has an explanation. We moved from Buford, GA to Starkville, MS after I resigned from the Board of Regents staff. Our house in Starkville (home of Mississippi State University and MFJ Enterprises) has been on the market since our retirement from MSU in 2008. The two-state commute back and forth from GA to MS as well as my two hour daily commute from Buford to the Capital complex was just too much for us.

So we’re back in Starkville where I’m putting together my station. More on that soon. I am still a dues-paying member of the Atlanta Radio Club (W4DOC) and plan to attend events when I get to the Atlanta area. I’ve joined the MSU Amateur Radio Club (W5YD) where I am Professor Emeritus as well as the Magnolia Amateur Radio Club in Starkville. I will probably join the Capital Cityh Radio Club in Jackson, MS soon.

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