Call Sign Placque Now Available at Oak Originals!

The gift I received months ago from my two great nieces--Addison & Caroline--proudly hangs in my office/ham shack over the roll-top desk and mantel clock I inherited from my namesake Grandfather. It was designed and made by their Mom, our niece, Amy Houston Hunt, as part of her custom design art business in nearby Flowood, MS.

Due to the great feedback I’ve received from blog readers, Amy has now made this type of amateur radio call sign plaque one of her store’s items.


Antique Ham Call Plaque from OAK Originals

Her store, OAK Originals LLC, can be found at: She can do alternate designs and so forth but, ahem, they all will please anyone else inhabiting the space where your amateur radio station is situated (if you know what I mean and I think you do). It’s available for now at the steal of a price for hand-painted custom artwork on cabinet-grade plywood of $ 42.

OAK Originals LLC, 5352 Mississippi Hwy 25, Suite 1000, Flowood, MS 39 232 Phone: 601−919−1682

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