Russ, Pete & Cheryl: Good On Ya

Using Linux as my daily-driver OS has been the case for some 5−7 years now. (Daily-driver is hard to pin down with so many computers!). As a ham operator, and even prior to my getting licensed as a life long SWLer using SDR, the popular podcast, Linux in the Ham Shack by Black Sparrow Media (, has been on my podcast auto-download list for years. Done in a conversational, bantering style, Russ, Pete and Cheryl provide the highlights of both Linux and Amateur Radio news and events on an approximately two-week cycle. They don’t take themselves too seriously (ahem, see my previous posts) and, as a result, they have an atmosphere that is easy to listen to. Chery’s recipes at the end of each segment are also much in demand!

But they’ve probably goofed-up this time! Not being able to get a good guest to interview, they resorted to getting me. But I enjoyed it a lot. We discussed some serious issues and amplified my previous post on one of their critics. It’s Episode #155 located at the LHS website here.

LHS Episode #155: Interview with Frank Howell

frank_whiteboardToday we have a change of pace for you. Thanks to a blog post from Frank Howell, K4FMH, we managed to land an interview. He’s a former professor who now works on myriad projects in science, technology, computers and amateur radio. He’s also very involved in his community and philanthropic endeavors. Frank discusses Broadband HamNet, HamWAN, the Magnolia Intertie and gives us a treasure of information on networking with amateur radio. This one is a double episode, but you’re not going to want to miss a minute of it.

73 de The LHS Guys

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