Next on QSO Live! Richard Stubbs, Customer Service Director, MFJ Enterprises


WTWW — Lebanon TN — 5085 kHz — Tuesdays, 8−9:30pm CDT

On the next QSO Live! show, we have Richard Stubbs of MFJ Enterprises as our guest! Join Ted Randall & me as we talk ham radio manufacturing in Starkville at MFJ Enterprises. We’ll explore what it’s like to be in charge of customer service for cheap hams. How does the famous No Matter What! MFJ Guarantee work? Who is the most interesting ham that Richard has met? And… how true are some of those eHam Forum comments? What does he love most about working for Martin Jue?

From the 100,000 watt transmitter of WTWW in Lebanon TN, QSO Live! is broadcast on 5085 kHz Tuesday evenings at 8pm CDT until about 9:30pm. (For the shortwave-challenged, go to C. Crane for help … or to the website for live streaming.)

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NOTE: Richard Stubbs was a no-show. He just forgot, turned his phone off when he got home, and went to Margaritaville on the patio. So I couldn’t reach him. That’s the talk show biz! We will try to schedule him again.

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