AWOL on QSO Live! Tonight…

It’s amateur radio club Christmas Party time here in the Central Mississippi area… my club, CMSARA (, has it’s annual event this evening so I’ll be absent-without-leave from QSO Live! this week. However, Ted will be there with an exciting and informative show… if he asks for listeners to send bail money, that’s only a possibility, not a probability. (Remember, I taught statistics for 35 years and still do some number-crunching as a researcher.).


Butts on the Primos Komado Grill…

Now, Ted might actually need the bail money… so if Holly or David asks, send along what you heart tells you to, ok? Just put your hands on the radio and feeellll the warmth… as Garner Ted Armstrong used to request. Don’t forget: QSO Live! tonight, Tuesday, at 8pm Central time on WTWW 5085 khz.

I’m in charge of the BBQ for tonight’s festivities at CMSARA so I’ll be seeing you on the radio next week. In the meantime, butts are on the grill!

If you missed Bill Perkins KB4KFT on our recent broadcast, this show is now available as a QSO Radio Show podcast at this link.

Updated: December 8, 2015 — 2:52 pm
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