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Field Day 2013? Not really…

I’d be working on a (cool) setup for this year’s Field Day by now… but I won’t be participating in the ARRL-sponsored Field Day this year. (Please don’t tell Hiram!). It’s not because I’m boycotting or anything. Amateur radio is an important hobby and public service in my life. BUT, having a first grandchild is more important! Our son and his wife are having a girl scheduled over […]

I’ve moved…

The several month absence from postings on my amateur radio blog has an explanation. We moved from Buford, GA to Starkville, MS after I resigned from the Board of Regents staff. Our house in Starkville (home of Mississippi State University and MFJ Enterprises) has been on the market since our retirement from MSU in 2008. The two-state commute back and forth from GA to MS as well as my two hour daily commute […]

What happened on Field Day?

OK, so I was the loser… in the sense that my Miracle MMD Antenna didn’t arrive in time (due to no fault of Robert at Miracle Antenna) but the hot-as-hades weather did! I am somewhat sensitive to heath distress so I just did some band monitoring and sat under the ceiling fan in our den. So, no Field Day for me! There’s always next year…

Field Day?

Tomorrow is Field Day for 2010. I’ve had a Miracle Antenna MMD ordered for a week… the MMD 17 so it will tune several bands… but nothing in the mail box yet! Robert at Miracle Antenna wrote me this morning that it should make it from Canada today. If it doesn’t, I’ll revert to a hamstick dipole using an MFJ dipole mount. It’s my first Field Day so I would like to get on from […]

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