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Tired of Turkey Already? Try a Ham Sandwich!

Happy Thanksgiving to all readers! I hope it was a great day and that the weekend will be what you need it to be. I ran across a new video show about amateur radio… just a couple of amateurs talking about radio… and they call it the Ham Sandwich Show! So, if you’re tiring of the turkeys out there… try a Ham Sandwich! 73, 73, 73∞ (so I don’t miss anyone)

Russ, Pete & Cheryl: Good On Ya

Using Linux as my daily-driver OS has been the case for some 5−7 years now. (Daily-driver is hard to pin down with so many computers!). As a ham operator, and even prior to my getting licensed as a life long SWLer using SDR, the popular podcast, Linux in the Ham Shack by Black Sparrow Media (, has been on my podcast auto-download list for years. Done in a conversational, bantering style, Russ, […]

And across the Pond…

If you haven’t subscribed to the ICQPodcast produced in the United Kingdom by the father and son team of Martin & Colin Butler, you’ve missed a good listen! What I’m about to say may deter your future listening but I hope it won’t! I’ve joined the team as a U.S. correspondent, reporting on significant happenings in amateur radio from «across the pond» here in the former colonies. […]

Good storyteller, that KE9V!

I don’t know about you but I have listened to a lot of podcasts since they’ve become popular. They’ve fragmented now, of course, between the home-made ones and the ones which front/back a corporation. Ham radio has a few interesting ones but they tend to be on the home-made side… clearly done out of the love of the effort and the community. I just ran across one […]

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