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Mississippi QSO Party

I’ve never participated in a DX contest. I’ve listened; a bunch! In Georgia, the QSO Party was fairly serious business with Atlanta Radio Club members having rovers head out to counties without active ham radio operators. Heck, a couple even flew a plane around the North part of the State with both VHF/UHF and HF antennas hung outside! Since I moved back to Starkville, this […]

Way Cool IRLP

It still thrills me even though it’s fairly commonplace in amateur radio. Over the past few weeks, a ham from Australia has periodically connected over the Internet---using IRLP---to the W4DOC 2M repeater in Atlanta. He and a friend are coming to Atlanta for a NASCAR event in a few months. Dallas, Vk3DJ, from Drysdale, Victoria in Aussie-land, about 50 miles south of Melborne, frequently stays up to about 11pm local […]

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