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AWOL on QSO Live! Tonight…

It’s amateur radio club Christmas Party time here in the Central Mississippi area… my club, CMSARA (, has it’s annual event this evening so I’ll be absent-without-leave from QSO Live! this week. However, Ted will be there with an exciting and informative show… if he asks for listeners to send bail money, that’s only a possibility, not a probability. (Remember, I taught statistics for 35 years […]

Yaesu’s Chris Wilson on QSO Live!

On December 1st, our scheduled guest is Chris Wilson N0CSW, U.S. Sales Director for Yaesu. The Yaesu System Fusion is blazing new trails in the repeater neighborhoods. The latest firmware update for the DR1X and WIRES-X software is due any day now. Ted and I will talk with Chris about the upgrades, the new features, and new hardware releases! Join […]

Next on QSO Live!

We all hear about---and a very few get to go on them---DXpeditions. Off to the exotic places. But don’t leave home without your $$$$. DXpeditions are increasingly like United Way campaigns to fund. OK, but, like the defunct Curtis Mathes TVs, darn well worth it! Our scheduled guest on Tuesday, November 3rd, is Bill Perkins KB4KFT, Vice President of the Atlanta Radio Club. […]

Next on QSO Live! Richard Stubbs, Customer Service Director, MFJ Enterprises

On the next QSO Live! show, we have Richard Stubbs of MFJ Enterprises as our guest! Join Ted Randall & me as we talk ham radio manufacturing in Starkville at MFJ Enterprises. We’ll explore what it’s like to be in charge of customer service for cheap hams. How does the famous No Matter What! MFJ Guarantee work? Who is the most interesting ham that Richard has met? And… […]

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