Test Equipment

Trimble UCCM GPS Receiver GPSDO 10MHz 1PPS GPS Disciplined Clock with rs232 port

PCTEL GPS (L1) 26dB Timing Antenna Radome GPS-TMG-26N

Leo Bodnar Precision Frequency Reference (GPS Clock) Low-jitter GPS-locked precision frequency reference 450 Hz to 800 MHz output

SIX Output Video Distribution Amplifier Sigma Electronics VDA-100A

DG8SAQ VNWA 3EC 1.3 GHz Vector Network Analyzer Tom Baier, the VNWA Designer $ 535.00
Tek 496 Spectrum Analyzer 1khz to 1.8 Ghz
Tek TR 503 Tracking Generator

HP 5334B + OPT 030, 100 MHz AB Input CH, 1.3 GHz C CH, Universal Counter, Tested
HP 5386A Frequency Counter OPTION 004
HP 8640B Frequency Generator 500 khz — 512 mhz

HP 3586A Selective Level Meter up to 32.5 mhz; frequency resolution of 1 microhertz up to 100 kHz and one millihertz to 20.9 Mhz. Measures phase jitter, weighted noise, noise-with-tone, signal-to-noise-with-tone ratio and single level impulse noise measurements. VERY accurate especially with a 10 MHz external frequency reference. Very useful for VLF reception measurements and for commercial broadcast frequency compliance. HPIB programmable.
HP 436 Power Meter & HP 11683A Range Calibrator

Rigol DS1054Z Digital Oscilloscopes — Bandwidth: 50 Mhz, Channels: 4
Tek 2213 Oscilloscope 60 mhz 2 channel

KEITHLEY 2015 6−½ Digit THD/Audio MultiMeter
Fluke 87V multimeter

Accuhard A101 USB LCR Meter
B&K 879B LCR Meter

Tektronix TM506 6-Slot Modular Mainframe with Opt 02 Rear Interface TESTED
Tektronix DC504 COUNTER/TIMER PLUG IN (for TM500 mainframes)
Tektronix FG503 Function Generator 1hZ-3MHZ
Tektronix PS503A PS 503 Dual Tracing Power Supply

HP 6248A DC Power Supply 0−20V, 0−3A

1PC Noise Source Tracking Source 1.5G

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