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Where Are the Hams? Right About Here…

Since about 1983, I’ve been involved in computer mapping of data in one way or another. It’s called GIS (Geographic Information Systems) officially. But two things made it popular to the masses. One was when President Clinton turned off the intentional error insertion on the government GPS satellites. This made the inexpensive Walmart-style personal GPS devices, such as the monochrome Magellan that I had […]

RSGB and the CQ Magazine Surprise

Since my last post, I’ve read more on the CQ Magazine issues… eHam is always a place to find rants and raves! I’ve enjoyed this publication for years but shifted completely to the digital format a few years ago. Storing paper can be trying. The current issue seemed fairly peppy in content. When I finished read it on my iPad, something seemed a bit off. I then realized that I had seen […]

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